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Miami Speakeasy

Located in Wynwood, Spanglish is the best Miami speakeasy bar for true cocktail enthusiasts. Look for the distinctive golden cocktail shaker marking our entrance, the first clue to the secrets that await inside.

The Spanglish Miami Speakeasy Experience

Step into the vibrant world of Spanglish, where the bustling life of Miami takes a pause, making room for intimate conversations and newfound connections. Venture below the golden shaker and uncover the adventure that awaits.

Signature Cocktails at Miami's Hidden Bar

At Spanglish, the essence of Miami’s speakeasy scene is captured in each meticulously crafted cocktail. Our master mixologists conjure concoctions that not only please your palate but also offer a visual feast, setting a new standard in Miami’s hidden bars scene.

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An Intimate Atmosphere Unparalleled in Miami Speakeasies

Delve into Spanglish, a space where Miami’s enigma merges with the golden days of Art Deco, invoking the magnificence found in cities like NYC and Havana. This secret bar in Miami entices you to a visually sumptuous and secluded refuge, adorned with art from noted artists like Tatiana Suarez and Tiago Magro. Positioned as a beacon in the vibrant Miami nightlife, our dimly lit sanctuary offers a synergy of culinary and artistic brilliance, resembling a cozy haven that stands unparalleled in the Miami speakeasy scene. Here, each visit morphs into a sensory odyssey, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in an environment as rich and dynamic as our culinary masterpieces.

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A Miami Speakeasy Presenting Gourmet Tapas

At Spanglish, we advocate that fine drinks deserve the company of exquisite food. Our menu unveils a diverse array of gourmet tapas, complementing our cocktail selection impeccably. Engage in a gastronomic journey that has positioned Spanglish at the top of Miami’s culinary landscape since 2020.

A Top Selection Among Miami's Secret Bars

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what our guests who have reveled in the cocktail delights at Spanglish, heralding it as a top pick among secret bars in Wynwood.

“An experience unlike any other! The cocktails are artworks in themselves, and the atmosphere pulsates with energy. A must-visit in Miami!”

“Spanglish has risen as my favored speakeasy in Miami. The drinks, the food, the ambiance – it’s simply without equal”

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Secure Your Spot at Miami's Best Speakeasy - Spanglish

Ready for an unforgettable escapade in a Miami speakeasy? Join us at Spanglish, where tradition, flavor, and innovation unite to craft an extraordinary gathering among Miami’s hidden bars. Book your table today!

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Spanglish has rapidly become a favorite speakeasy in the Miami area. Known for our inventive cocktails and gourmet tapas menu, we offer a vibrant and artistic atmosphere that encapsulates the Miami spirit. Our dedicated team of mixologists and chefs aim to provide an exceptional experience that blends the rich culture of Miami with culinary innovation. Join us at Spanglish to discover why many regard us as the best Miami speakeasy.

Spanglish operates as a hidden gem, a secret bar nestled in the lively heart of Miami’s Wynwood area. Look for the iconic golden shaker adorning our facade, and prepare to be enthralled by the immersive environment that awaits within. As you step inside, delve into our extensive range of innovative cocktails that resonate with the dynamic spirit of Miami, making Spanglish a must-visit destination for those seeking the best-kept secrets and speakeasies in Miami.

We warmly welcome patrons until midnight from Sunday to Thursday, extending our unique and intimate ambiance until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays. This schedule allows our guests ample time to immerse themselves in the unmatched ambiance and savor our top-notch cocktail creations in the heart of Miami.

While our speakeasy is not directly situated in Miami Beach, we are merely a brief drive across the bridge. Additionally, our central location is a hotspot for those exploring secret bars in popular Miami neighborhoods such as Brickell, Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, and beyond, making Spanglish a pivotal fixture in Miami’s lively speakeasy scene.

To discover the gateway to our secret sanctuary, keep an eye out for the famous “golden shaker” that graces our exterior on N. Miami Ave. On opening the obscured entrance, you are greeted by an enchanting indoor space adorned with captivating artwork and pulsating with Miami’s vibrant energy. While we currently offer only indoor seating, stay tuned for our upcoming expansion to include an outdoor seating area, enhancing your experience at Miami’s hidden gem.