Spanglish is hosting the top

Wynwood Super Bowl Party

Located in the heart of Wynwood, Spanglish is the best Super Bowl Restaurant in Miami, offering an open bar, gourmet buffet, a tons of VIP amenities!

Super Bowl Watch Party in Wynwood

Enjoy a premium open bar, gourmet buffet, access to GRAILS, and plenty more! Scroll down for complete details.

Enjoy a luxury Super Bowl party experience at Spanglish in Wynwood, Miami. 

This year, we’re joining our next-door sister restaurant, GRAILS, to transform Spanglish into the ultimate viewing spot for the big game.  Enjoy access to both venues and amenities for the price of one!

What’s included:

  • Dedicated table
  • Unlimited open bar (including all of our signature cocktails)
  • Enjoy a gourmet buffet
  • Complimentary bottles of champagne & liquor
  • Access to giveaways (including one-of-a-kind football art)
  • Access to GRAILS Sports Bar (attached to Spanglish)
  • and much more, for only $250 per person

All Spanglish guests will have special access to the amenities of our sports bar, GRAILS, including the two bars, entertainment, and a VIP ‘viewing area’. 

Each Super Bowl Party Package Includes:

· Each VIP guest will receive a Grails souvenir sneaker vessel ($100 value)
· Grails Super Bowl T-Shirt + VIP Only Swag
· VIP Only seating in Spanglish
· Dedicated VIP Entrance
· Dedicated Server
· Premium Open Bar from 6:30 pm until the final whistle (from both Spanglish and Grails)
· Includes Unlimited Gourmet Food from Grails
· Premium Open Bar Brands include:
Proper 12 Whiskey, Jose Cuervo Reposado, Deep Eddy Vodka, all draft beer, select red/white wine.

TABLE OF 2 or 3 (1 bottle)
$500+ tax and gratuity
– 1 bottle of premium liquor or 1 bottle of Champagne  

TABLE OF 4 (2 bottles)
$1,000+ tax and gratuity
– 1 bottle of premium liquor and 1 bottle of Champagne 

$1,500+ tax and gratuity
– 2 bottles of premium liquor and 1 bottle of Champagne

$2,000+ tax and gratuity
– 3 bottles of premium liquor and 2 bottles of Champagne

$2,500+ tax and gratuity
– 4 bottles of premium liquor and 2 bottles of Champagne

– $3,000+ tax and gratuity
– 5 bottles of premium liquor and 2 bottles of Champagne 

– $5,000+ tax and gratuity
– 9 bottles of premium liquor and 3 bottles of Champagne 

Watch our video below to get a preview of what Spanglish in Wynwood, Miami has to offer.

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The GRAILS watch party at Spanglish offers an exclusive and elevated VIP Super Bowl event in Wynwood that caters perfectly to couples and groups looking for a more refined way to enjoy the big game. Enjoy a speakeasy-vibe setting while partaking in an open bar with our entire craft cocktails menu. All tables will also include complimentary bottles of champagne and liquor. If you’re looking for Wynwood Super Bowl events at a sports bar, consider booking a table at GRAILS.

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Enjoy Super Bowl Dinner in Miami at Spanglish in Wynwood

Elevate your Super Bowl viewing with a dinner at Spanglish in Wynwood, where Miami’s vibrant energy meets luxurious dining. This unique experience combines artistic elegance with the thrill of the game, offering more than just a meal; it’s an event that captures Miami’s stylish essence and excitement. Our Miami Super Bowl Dinner is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Super Bowl within Wynwood’s dynamic setting. Make your Super Bowl Dinner reservations below.

The best of Miami Restaurants to Watch The Super Bowl

Spanglish, alongside Grails, stands out as a premier restaurants in Miami for watching the Super Bowl, offering a luxurious and immersive experience. This year, Spanglish transforms into the ultimate game-day venue with high-definition TVs and a vibrant atmosphere, making it one of the best Miami restaurants for Super Bowl viewing. Guests can indulge in an open bar, gourmet buffet, and VIP amenities, ensuring an unforgettable celebration. Perfect for those seeking an elevated experience, Spanglish provides a sophisticated backdrop to enjoy the excitement of the game in the heart of Wynwood.

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Super Bowl Reservations in Miami

Make your Super Bowl reservations in Miami at Spanglish for an unmatched viewing experience in Wynwood. With limited availability, we recommend booking your table in advance to ensure you won’t miss. Our exclusive Super Bowl packages cater to both couples and groups, offering a sophisticated way to enjoy the big game. Reserve now and secure your spot at Miami’s premier Super Bowl destination in the heart of Wynwood.

Wynwood Restaurant and Bar

Spanglish is renowned for its Super Bowl reservations in Miami due to its unique blend of luxury viewing experience, gourmet dining, and artisan cocktails, all set within the vibrant ambiance of Wynwood.

For the Super Bowl watch party at Spanglish, it’s recommended to book as early as possible to ensure access to our limited seating.

Yes, Spanglish offers a family-friendly Super Bowl viewing experience in Wynwood, Miami. With a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, our venue caters to families looking for a more upscale Super Bowl celebration. We provide a safe, enjoyable environment for all ages, with gourmet dining options that appeal to both adults and children. Make your Super Bowl an unforgettable family outing at Spanglish, where the vibrancy of Miami meets the excitement of the game.

The Super Bowl Open Bar at Spanglish starts at 6:30 pm and continues until the final whistle of the game. This allows guests to enjoy premium beverages throughout the entire event, enhancing their Super Bowl viewing experience with uninterrupted access to a selection of top-quality drinks.

Spanglish aims to accommodate guests whenever possible, but due to the high demand for Super Bowl events, last-minute reservations might be challenging. Please contact us directly.

Spanglish is located in Wynwood, which is a short drive from Miami Beach, Midtown, Brickell, and Downtown Miami. This makes it a convenient option for those looking for Super Bowl parties in these areas, offering a unique and sophisticated experience just outside the immediate vicinity of these neighborhoods.